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  The SNRTP basically the continuation follow-on of the RAIDP is the third IDA operation to support Nepal's rural transport sector the past 15 years. The design of this operation reflects lessons learned from a sustained engagement. Without SNRTP's follow-up interventions, RAIDP beneficiaries might lose much of the access they previously ga... Read More

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  • Plantation and Bio-engineering Status of SNRTP as of August 2019

  • Summary Progress Status of Grievance Redress Mechanism as of 15 May 2019

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  • Insurance Policy of Ford Ranger Pickup for FY 2019/2020

  • Third Trimester Fukuwa Letter

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  • Notice for Intention to Award Bids corresponding to Con.ID:SNRTP-CPCU-G-NCB-14-071-72 (Procurement of Generators)

  • Notice for Intention to Award Bids corresponding to Con ID: SNRTP-CPCU-G-NCB-05-070-071

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